Magister/HekaMagi 10, Demonologist /Witch of Air and Darkness 10


Lazarus is a rather gifted individual. He was born to parents who were both skilled in magical practices. His mother being a Witch, while his father an Artificer. During his time with his family Lazarus lived a life of constant tests of his own magical skills.

After Lazarus came to the ripe age of 12, his family was approached by a group of men and women who were clad in concealing robes. His parents spoke with the strangers, who then revealed that they had come for none other than the child himself. Lazarus was at first frightened by the strange men and women, but his parents seemed to have no issue surrendering their child to the strangers, courtesy of magical influence at work. Lazarus was taken by the group, who then revealed themselves as Al-Thaman, a cult who was lead by a inner circle of powerful members. He was sought after by the cult for the possibilities that he displayed in their observations of his magical talent. He was among many children who had been taken for the same reason. Over the course of seven years, Lazarus went through an extensive level of training from the cults teachings, learning the different faiths that made up the cults followers. Lilith, Izalith, Ahriman, Malcanthet, and so on were the many symols in which Lazarus learned to define blindly, their dogmas recited without delay or pause for recollection.

Finally, at the end of the seven years of his training, Lazarus and the other children were then placed within a large demiplane constructed into the form of an all natural arena, filled with deadly creatures, plants, and the weather itself quite capable of killing on its own. The young adults who were once children now were tasked with their biggest test. They had to survive to the last one standing within the arena, or try to find the means to escape before they died. Many of the children swiftly had spread across the area to seek shelter and means of surviving their stay. Lazarus himself had followed a pair of siblings to assist them, picking a wide array of herbs and fungi that they carried with them. The two siblings thanked him for his assistance, hoping that if they could get their hands on the means, they might be able to escape the plane and also return to their loved ones, as so many of the children who had been taken felt. As the first night arrived however, Lazarus remained awake and eager. He had swiftly used lower level magic to entangle the two before setting their vines ablaze. He left carrying their own magical tools for his own use, swiftly finding each and every one of his ‘brothers and sisters’ to hunt down and kill. It was a simple means of defeating the test in his head, if there were no other contenders to compete against, then he won.
After a lengthy series of murders performed by the young man, the test had ended, and the demiplane released the young man as it dissipated. Lazarus found himself in the company of one of the leaders of Al Thaman at this moment. The Artificer Lord Judal. Judal found something about the young man worth noting, and offered him a position as one of Judals apprentices. Lazarus accepted the offer, and soon his talents for magic of all kinds become quite well honed under his master guidance, and soon, he had developed his skills to quite an extent.

Now Lazarus acts as one of Al-Thamans most prominent magic users, a potential that places him in line to take a position of leadership. Meanwhile Lazarus himself slowly concocts horrors beyond most peoples imagination, his ideas growing ever darker as his power grows.


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